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Varun gupta is an expert in tourist visa options for people who are looking to travel Aaustralia as tourist. He is Professional in his approach and advice and is renowned Australian visa specialist in international market. At Ausmigration, we have a huge record of success for tourist or visitor visa.

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Following are the tourist visa options available for travel to Australia:

Tourist Visa (subclass 676)
Sponsored Family Visitor Visa (subclass 679)
Electronic Travel Authority (Visitor) (subclass 976) (ETA)
Medical Treatment (Short Stay) (subclass 675)
Medical Treatment (Long Stay) (subclass 685)

Longer Tourist/Visitor Visas for Parents of Australians

Since 24 November 2012, parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents can apply for longer Tourist (Subclass 676) to visit Australia. We at Australian visa specialist provide you with constant professional help in getting Australian tourist visa.

DIAC will consider granting multiple entry visa with maximum of 12 months stay in 18 months at a given time. Of course every case is different and it will also depend upon case to case basis. Following options are there are for parents seeking for longer tourist visa:

  • five years for applicants who are in the Parent (subclass103) visa queue
  • three years for applicants who
    • have not applied for a Parent visa; or
    • have applied for a Parent (subclass 103) visa but are not yet in the Parent visa queue
  • 18 months for applicants who have:
    • not previously travelled to Australia; and
    • have not applied for a Parent visa; or
    • have applied for a Parent (subclass 103) visa but are not yet in the Parent visa queue.

Applicants who are not eligible

Unfortunately, partners and children are not eligible for long term tourist visa. The purpose of tourist visa is for tourism or recreational purpose. Tourist visa is not intended to maintain term long term residence in Australia. Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) take it very seriously if applicant maintains longer period of stay in Australia. DIAC has specifically mentioned that longer tourist visa for parents will not be considered if parents are already in Australia or have spent 12 months in Australia in the last 18 months.

Visa Conditions

You will be subject to visa conditions such as 8503 No Further Stay Condition, health insurance requirement and maximum of 12 months stay in 18 months. If you stay after 12 months, visa will automatically cease.


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