What is Immigration?

Immigration happens when someone comes to a particular country live, work or study. People leave their country and move to another for various reasons. Majority of the immigrants who migrate to a country near their country take less time to adjust.

Does Australia have discriminatory immigration policy?

No, discriminatory immigration policy is not a practice in Australia. This means, anyone who have the desire to live, work, or study in Australia are given the equal chance to apply for immigration to Australia. This applies to all applicants from all around the world. Gender does not matter at all, color and religion too. If you are worried about the White Australia Policy, the country is getting rid of it since 1950s. From then on, many immigrants from all over the world flock to Australia and make it as their new home. At present, Australia is becoming a multicultural country and accepts immigrant from different country contributing to the continuous growth, well-being and richness of the country.

Who are qualified to migrate to Australia?

Everyone is qualified to migrate to Australia as long as he or she meets the requirements below:

  • Aged between 18 and 44 years old

  • Degree holders, professionals, administrators, and managers

  • Associate Diploma holders

  • Trade certificate holders or those with extensive experience

How long does it take to process my visa application?

Visa application time varies per subclass. Other factors to consider in processing your visa application timeframe include processing centers workload and more. You may visit http://www.immi.gov.au/about/charters/client-services-charter/standards/2.1.htm to know more about the general standards as per DIAC publication.

Can you help me change my course or education provider?

Yes, AMCS is more than willing to help or assist you in changing your course or educational institute and the best thing is we are charging not even a cent for this service.

Are you willing to help me on my student visa cancellation?

Yes, we are able and willing to help you if ever you want to cancel your student visa and we can appear at the migration Review Tribunal (MRT) too on your behalf.

What support you can provide in Australia?

AMCS has a Sydney office capable of providing you the support and assistance you need while in Australia. We can provide counseling as well as support you with your visa and migration problems.

Do you cater spouse visa?

Yes, AMCS caters all kinds of visa applications and that include spouse visa. Your subclass 820/801 and visa 309/300 applications will be taken charge.

Do you cater offshore applications?

Yes, we at AMCS are catering DIAC applications outside Australia.