About Australia

About Australia

Australia is a beautiful and progressive country with a democratic government, wherein people are choose and elect their leaders. This country is under the coolly of Great Britain with the British Queen as the head of the state. Australia is known for various icons including the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Valley in South Australia, Uluru and wild animals like the known kangaroos and koalas. Currency used in Australia is known as the Australian Dollar.

Among the countries in the world, Australia ranks sixth with eye-catching structure with exceptional architectural design including the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge to name a few. These structures are the ones you and other tourists will surely visit when in Australia.

Other than stunning structures, Australia is also known for its beautiful beaches with crystal like sand and blue waters. Talking about adventure in the Rockies, Australia also has ancient rock formations that you can explore. The refreshing rainforest allows tourists to create a remarkable visit in Australia.

In addition to striking beaches, rock formation and rainforest, Australia has 16 stunning properties listed as World Heritage that include its historic townships, vivid landscape, the exotic flora and fauna and the bustling cities. These all add up to the unique appeal of Australia making the country an exciting place to visit. One must note that the flora and fauna found in Australia are exotic and you cannot find them elsewhere.

When talking about lifestyle, Aussies definitely have the kind of lifestyle that is second to none. Few of the many reasons they are enjoying a good lifestyle include excellent transport and infrastructure system, modern technology, well developed stable economy and modern health care system.

As one of the countries with the lowest population density, Australia is also known for its different cultures. Aussies have culture and customs still in practice including their rich tapestry of nationalities like various myths, traditions, and folklores.

Other than English, people living in Australia speak various languages including Italian, Cantonese, Greek, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Arabic.